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FOHO WV (The Federation of Humane Organizations of West Virginia)

We are a state-wide organization for the purpose of improving animal welfare throughout West Virginia. We urge local humane societies, rescue groups, animal welfare leagues, plus any animal advocacy group or individual to get involved to help us in our effort to improve animal welfare throughout our state.  Our mission is to  provide effective means for the propagation of humane principles; to prevent cruelty and neglect to animals; to educate regarding the laws of the state of West Virginia pertaining to animal cruelty, neglect, care, health and welfare; to cooperate and network with other similar organizations in such efforts in West Virginia; and any and all acts allowed corporations by West Virginia Code. Tell us what you or your group is doing to help the animals!!   Join FOHO as other groups have done to support statewide animal issues – together we can make it happen!

 FOHO WV is a 501c(3) non profit organization

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