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We have been so busy with our spay neuter campaign that our newsletter has not gotten much attention.   All of our effort as been on preparing materials for the campaign.  Sorry!

FOHO WV 2016 Spring Newsletter

Check out FOHO WV’s 2016 Spring Newsletter.   Topics covered are our 2016 conference,  S/N Campaign,  More county dollars spent, Conference Sponsors and more……..

Please share this newsletter far and wide so others in your community and around the state know of the good work people are doing to protect the animals of West Virginia.

Additionally, there are numerous ways to help animals in your local community and around the state:

* Keep current on legislation introduced during legislative sessions.

* Speak with your legislators local and statewide and let them know how you feel about animal issues in your community and in the state.

* If you have a local advocacy group, become involved in their work and make sure they tell us about themselves so we can highlight them in our newsletter.

* Volunteer your time and talent at animal shelters and with rescue groups

* Report animal cruelty wherever you see it

* Educate friends, colleagues, neighbors, and family members on proper care of their companion animals. Be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves

If there is an animal cause you would like explored, please let FOHO WV know.  Please pass it on to everyone you know to help in spreading the word on our effort for animals in West Virginia.


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Past Newsletters

FOHO Fall 2015 Newsletter-         Topics covered are our 2016 conference,  S/N Assistance Program, BDL, New WV Statistics, Animal Law Group in WV formed, Conference Sponsors and more. 2014 Winter FOHO –    Rules for S/N that passed 2015 session, Greyhound Racing, and other relevant animal welfare topics. 2014 Summer Newsletter – Information update on Greyhound Racing …

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