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Past Newsletters

FOHO Fall 2015 Newsletter-         Topics covered are our 2016 conference,  S/N Assistance Program, BDL, New WV Statistics, Animal Law Group in WV formed, Conference Sponsors and more.

2014 Winter FOHO –    Rules for S/N that passed 2015 session, Greyhound Racing, and other relevant animal welfare topics.

2014 Summer Newsletter – Information update on Greyhound Racing along with other pertinent topics.

2014 Spring newsletter     – our 2014 conference highlights.  What counties attended and our legislators and media who showed up to support animals!

2014 FOHO WV Winter newsletter     –  Loaded with information about our 2014 conference

2013 Fall Newsletter   – read about the new Puppy Mill Regulations and Greyhound Racing

2013 Spring Newsletter  – read all about our 2013 legislative success

2012 Fall newsletter – Special Spay/Neuter edition (WV Pets going into shelters was 16% not 29% as listed in newsletter.  Sorry it was a typo).

2012 Spring Newsletter  – 2012 Animal Conference

2011 Winter newsletter

2011 Fall Newsletter   Puppy Mill Article featured

2011 Summer newsletter    Animal Hoarding featured

2011 Spring Newsletter   Dog Fighting featured

2010 Winter Newsletter


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