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WV State Animal Code

WV Animal Law Book 2016 Edition

We are encouraged that so many counties are requesting the law book.    Thanks to HSUS for assisting with the printing of our first edition of this 2016 book.  HSUS has copies for distribution of the law book.    FOHO WV had to have an additional printing done.   FOHO WV is paying for the 2nd printing of the law book.   We need to cover the cost of packing and shipping these books to you so a $10.00 fee is requested.


.Here is clarification on the Livestock Rules.  We have gotten some requests on these rules so we went to the source and here is the information for you:

Title 73 Legislative Rule Series 1 Livestock Care Standards was vetoed on April 1, 2016 as a casualty of having been part of the bundled rules bill therefore it was omitted from the 2016 WV Animal Law book.   

FOHO WV contacted the WV Dept. of Agriculture on 9/7/2016 about the status of these rules.   According to the WV Dept. of Agriculture, Title 73 is currently going through legislative process (rulemaking).  If there are no problems, it will pass through during this upcoming 2017 legislative session.     Technically, since the repeal of 61CSR31 Livestock Care Standards, there are none.  Title 73CSR1 will take its place, if it passes through the 2017 WV Legislative Session.   




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