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Past Conference Powerpoints

Here are 3 of the powerpoints from our 2014 conference.  Enjoy.  They are excellent. 

Powerpoint: Fundamentals for the Twenty-First Century Grant Seeker.     2014 Barrett ASPCA Grant Funding

This session highlighted the distinguishing characteristics of the three types of grant makers—foundations, corporate funders, and public charities—and why those differences matter. Using the ASPCA’s grant programs and process as a model, this explores how a grant seeker should start and build a relationship with funders.  It explores what information funders ask for and why, in addition to the impact of technological proficiency, diplomacy, accuracy, and thoughtfulness on the success of a grant proposal and stewardship of grants.
Presenter—Michael Barrett, Vice President, Grants Management, has led the grants department at the ASPCA since 2008.

Powerpoint: Is my neighbor a hoarder?
Lisa Starr Hoarding

Is my neighbor a hoarder? How can you tell? Animal hoarding is a complex and intricate issue with far-reaching effects that encompass mental health, animal welfare, and public safety concerns.  It has been estimated that there are 900 to 2,000 new cases of hoarding every year in the United States, with a quarter million animals falling victim. This presentation will give attendees instruction on how to recognize the most common signs of animal hoarding, characteristics of hoarding and how it develops, and how to collaborate with other agencies in your community to create interventions for both the people and animals involved.
Presenter—Lisa Starr joined the ASPCA in 2012 and covers Shelter Outreach for KY, NC, SC, VA, & WV.

Powerpoint: How to Implement and Enforce the WV ‘Puppy Mill Law’ WV Puppy Mill Presentation

This session detailed the implementation and enforcement of Commercial Dog Breeding Regulations. It focused on understanding the current commercial breeders law which passed the 2013 WV State Legislature. This law is to be enforced by local authorities. There are kennel fees to establish by the county commissions and local inspections to be performed. Animal advocates need to be educated on what they can do to nudge local authorities in the right direction.
Presenters—Tara Loller, HSUS Puppy Mills Campaign Policy Implementation Manager, and  Summer Wyatt, HSUS WV Director.

Here is a powerpoint from our 2008  conference showing the Henneke Body Condition Scoring for Horses.  It was presented by  Brooke Vrany from Day’s End Farm Horse Rescue, www.defhr.org.  It is still so applicable that we have left it on for your use.

Powerpoint on Henneke Body Condition Scoring

  Henneke Body Condition PDF

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