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2016 Conference Session Videos!

Watch these remarkable youtube videos from the 2016 FOHO WV Conference

 There were many sessions with amazing speakers at the FOHO WV 2016 conference.  If you missed it, please enjoy watching and listening to the videos from those sessions now.   Or if you attended, you may pick up some additional information or share these with your local groups.    One session from the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee had technical difficulties and was not able to be edited.   Many great comments about that session were received and we are sorry we are unable to bring that to you here.    Also please note that Barbara Grigg was the producer of these videos. (see her info below)


Putting an end to greyhound racing in West Virginia
Christine Dorchak discusses the humane problems associated with dog racing and its status nationwide.  She speaks specifically about her organization’s campaign to pass legislation to prohibit dog racing in West Virginia.  Everyone who cares about dogs can help save the greyhounds and Christine hopes that her presentation will motivate us all to help close down the dog tracks in West Virginia.
Christine Dorchak, cofounder of Grey2K USA Worldwide

(40 mins.)   https://youtu.be/6BQ1zAf4FOI

Now that AZ has banned Greyhound Racing, WV is one of five states still allowing it. Read about it below…

Breaking down myths and barriers to adoption: Implementing programs that work!

Should you adopt pets as gifts?  Is the adoption screening criteria you are using improving the lives of the adopted animals?  Are volunteers/fosters better adoption counselors than staff?  This workshop will outline research and program focused on these topics and more and will help attendees to focus on what the data tells us vs. our guts.  At the end of the workshop, attendees will leave with the tools to question other assumptions as well as practical tools to implement life-saving programs right away.
Lisa Starr, M.S., Director, Community Initiatives, ASPCA

(60 mins.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXIvVap2G_0

Prosecuting Animal Crimes
This video includes information on statewide task forces and statewide animal law units.  The Virginia Attorney General’s office has created one of the first Animal Law Units in the country and there is a discussion regarding how the Unit evolved and why it was needed in the Commonwealth.  Michelle discusses how to help your locality form an Animal Law Unit and how to aid a prosecutor’s office in the enforcement of animal abuse and animal fighting cases.  A discussion regarding the link between animal violence and humane violence with an emphasis regarding domestic violence is covered.  Best practices regarding investigation and prosecution of animal crimes is discussed.
Michelle Welch, Senior Assistant Attorney General, Director of the Animal Law Unit, Virginia Attorney General’s Office

(60 mins.)   https://youtu.be/K8a5ClWUBRs


The WV Commercial Breeder Law
Chris Brosan discusses the process from puppy mill to pet store.  He focuses on what the consumer sees and provides the background explaining how the need to “rescue” that poor puppy in the pet store leads to the miserable existence for the breeding dogs.  He highlights the current law in West Virginia and what we all can do as animal welfare advocates to help solve this problem in West Virginia.
Chris Brosan, Manager, Strategic Campaigns and Special Projects, State Affairs, Humane Society of the United States

(50 mins.)    https://youtu.be/hL1k-iOmH3g


A View from the Bench
Justice Brent Benjamin has heard various animal law matters during his time on the bench for the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals.  This discussion will focus on the various animal-related cases that have come before the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals and how the Court’s decisions have further interpreted and defined animal law in West Virginia.
Justice Brent Benjamin, West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals video on Animal Law in West Virginia

(28 mins.)   https://youtu.be/ApRN1qy-Lho


Identifying and Prosecuting Equine Cruelty and Neglect
Dr. Mason discusses how to identify equine cruelty and neglect and how to ensure that these cases are investigated and prosecuted.  She relates her experience in equine cruelty and neglect cases and shares her expertise on how cruelty and neglect is identified and rated in equines.
Dr. Clara Mason, DVM, American Veterinary Medical Association board on Animal Welfare

(60 mins.)  https://youtu.be/oBmpnF4uhM0



Thanks to Barbara Grigg for her expertise in videography for providing these for FOHO WV!  This is just one of her contributions to animal welfare throughout West Virginia.  Barbara is the author of “Answers about Pets from the Bible,” a wonderful book about pets in the bible which is available on Amazon and also Barbara’s very own Etsy store.    https://www.etsy.com/shop/ThermalCreekStudio?ref=search_shop_redirect

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