Nov 22 2017

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Interview: WV Spay Neuter Funding Solution

New Mexico is trying to obtain the same sort of SN funding legislation that WV just passed.   NM public radio program host for ‘Animal Talk’ Jennifer Rabinowitz invited FOHO WV, Theresa Bruner and West Virginia Delegate Matthew Rohrbach, the lead sponsor of our successful bill to speak about our program.  This is a 26 minute interview.

Animal Talk November 17, 2017 with guests:  West Virginia Delegate Matthew Rohrbach and Theresa Bruner, Federation of Humane Organizations of West Virginia  –   West Virginia Pet Food Company Surcharge Law to Fund State Low-Cost Spay Neuter Program


(My mistake for saying Barbour Co. instead of Barboursville but it was live so this happens.  No one in New Mexico is aware of my error but unfortunately Animal Friends of Barbour Co. and Help for Animals will have to accept my humble apology….)   


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