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There are a number of issues that concern FOHO WV.    Our primary target is to obtain funding for our Spay Neuter Assistance Program which is established, has rules and regulation and is ready to go with its first $500 from FOHO WV.   That campaign is our focus so it has its own menu heading.  But there are many other issue that are important to FOHO WV.  We will list them as our supporters pass them on to us.  Ending Greyhound racing in WV.   Enacting the Commercial Breeder’s Law in all 55 counties by setting the commercial breeder’s fees.    Strengthening penalties for animal fighting.  Fighting breed discrimination throughout our state.   Curbing animal cruelty.  The list goes on.  Those are some of the topics you will find nestled under this heading.  We rely on a number of sources to educate our supporters on these issues.

Our primary source for remaining educated on legislative issues is

We also follow the Facebook WV Spay Neuter Assistance Fund page



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Resource Sheet – Equine Care Investigation

RESOURCE – Equine Care Investigation Clara Mason Resource Sheet – Equine Care Investigation for those interested in pursuing equine cruelty investigations.

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Commercial Breeder Law

Watch this youtube presentation from the 2016 FOHO WV Conference with Chris Brosan as the presenter on the Commercial Breeder’s Law.  (50 min.) Commercial Breeder’s Law Writable Documents here!  (download and fill in the blank or send us an email for a usb with the documents on them) The following documents are provided from …

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Resource Sheet – Commercial Breeders Law

RESOURCE WV Comm Breeder Law   – informative new resource provided to law enforcement officials and others

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Greyhound Racing

The Federation of Humane Organizations of West Virginia ( applauds this in-depth report showing the inhumane treatment of greyhounds in this WV industry. Many animal advocates were outraged by the brutal treatment of these docile and gentle dogs when a recent case of cruelty was revealed at the Wheeling Track. Greyhounds race for about 3 …

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Greyhound Fact Sheet

Greyhound Fact Sheet 2015 edition FOHO WV is opposed to greyhound racing.   We have a position paper on this website promoting our reasons for that position.    We are thankful that GREY2K USA has targeted WV as one of its battleground states to end dog racing in our state and elsewhere.   We applaud their effort …

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