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Commercial Breeder Law

Watch this youtube presentation from the 2016 FOHO WV Conference with Chris Brosan as the presenter on the Commercial Breeder’s Law.  (50 min.)    https://youtu.be/hL1k-iOmH3g

Commercial Breeder’s Law Writable Documents here!  (download and fill in the blank or send us an email for a usb with the documents on them)
The following documents are provided from Chris Brosan, Manager of Strategic Campaigns  & Special Projects, Humane Society of the United States.

This is all your county needs to get the fees set by your county commission.  It is ridiculous that it is taking this long to get these fees set.  This is already state law.   If there is a suspected puppy mill there is no inspection nor oversight.  County Commissions who have not set those fees should be ashamed of themselves for letting potential unscrupulous breeders keep dogs housed in inhumane conditions.   Remember these are elected officials.  Show up in force at a meeting and demand that they enforce and follow the law.

Chris has provided writeable files so all that is needed is just filling in the blanks. Plus the information sheets are really helpful to explain the law.   Feel free to download, copy and distribute as needed.





6_FAQ WV 19-20-26

Here is a resource sheet that you could hand to your law enforcement officers in your county for keeping them informed on this issue and encouraging them to seek more training on animal cruelty.
RESOURCE WV Comm Breeder Law
Thanks to the counties that have set the fees already.   I have listed them here.  Harrison, Brooke, Cabell, Hancock, Jackson, Kanawha, Marion, Marshall, Monongalia, Preston, Raleigh, Roane and Taylor.
Here are additional sample documents that you may download for your county to use.  We have provided all the documentation needed to enforce this law.   It is suggested that you add your county seal to the document as you model it to your needs.  Our thanks to Kanawha Charleston Humane for developing the first documents along with HSUS WV.  Also Chris Brosan obtained some of the informational documents from Preston County Animal Shelter.   Also, initially FOHO WV worked with Summer Wyatt of HSUS WV to develop the checklist and responsibility forms.  Again, it is a team effort in WV uniting all of us to work for animal welfare.

Puppy Mill Enforcement Responsibility     – County Commission
(prepared by FOHO WV & HSUS WV)

Puppy Mill Checklist  – form for Animal Control or Inspector of Facility
(prepared by FOHO WV & HSUS WV)


WV Law now regulates Commercial Breeders.  We are providing documents here for download to assist your county in enforcing this law.  This will provide some much needed regulation of WV Puppy Mills.

If you have a suspected ‘puppy mill’ in your area or a commercial breeding facility, you need to make sure your county commission is regulating these facilities.  To find out how to implement this law in your area, view this powerpoint from HSUS on this important topic.  WV Puppy Mill Presentation



Photo from Parkersburg, WV Puppy Mill 2008 which was raided and closed!


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