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Greyhound Fact Sheet

Greyhound Fact Sheet 2015 edition

FOHO WV is opposed to greyhound racing.   We have a position paper on this website promoting our reasons for that position.    We are thankful that GREY2K USA has targeted WV as one of its battleground states to end dog racing in our state and elsewhere.   We applaud their effort and look forward to the day that this event NO longer occurs in our state.

Here are links to more information on WV Greyhound Racing.  There is in addition to our position, an extensive study on greyhound racing  from GREY 2K here on our website.  More information can be found on the link to grey2kusa.org…

GREYHOUND ISSUE WV FACT SHEET   A fact sheet to use to make your case against  dog racing in West Virginia.

http://www.grey2kusa.org/action/states/wv.php    An amazing page with resources about dog racing in  West Virginia.

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