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Greyhound Racing

LOGO WITH MAX G2KThe Federation of Humane Organizations of West Virginia (www.fohowv.org) applauds this in-depth report showing the inhumane treatment of greyhounds in this WV industry. Many animal advocates were outraged by the brutal treatment of these docile and gentle dogs when a recent case of cruelty was revealed at the Wheeling Track. Greyhounds race for about 3 years and then their usefulness is over to those who race them; however, some of these dogs can still bring in a dollar to the owner who may sell them to research laboratories, turn them into breeding stock, or send them overseas where racing conditions are worse than in the United States Only the lucky few find their way into adoption groups to be rescued. Two tracks in WV receive millions of dollars in government subsidies to run this industry. This comprehensive WV Study should be of great interest to taxpayers as well as animal advocates in WV. Also, this sport is cruel and our opposition on humane principles alone makes it one we are hoping to see halted in the not-too-distant future. Only 7 states still allow this sport with WV being one of them. FOHO WV hopes other groups around WV will read this report and join the campaign to end this disgraceful sport in WV forever.

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