Dec 09 2016

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‘Shelter Dogs’ Cartoon celebrates our spay neuter fund!

Spay neuter cartoon1
(Click cartoon to enlarge)

Bob Walton of Urban Animal Magazine did this special ‘shelter dogs’ cartoon for us.  You can visit their site at http://www.urbananimal.us/index.html

We do not have the actual number of dogs and cats dying in WV shelters each year.   Only 30 counties report statistics to the WV Veterinary Board.  2 counties are known No Kill Shelters and the remaining 21 are unknown as to what is going on with stray and unwanted animals.  Some counties have no facility or animal control.  The Vet Board statistics in 2014 for 32 counties is 38% or 18,498 euthanasia down from 42% the year before.  Many shelters do not take cats since they are not required by law to do so.   Extrapolating the data from 32 counties to 55 would have 82,585 entering WV shelters with 31,826 or 38% being euthanized.  Actual data has 40% or 20,000 dying in 30 counties of the 50,000 intake.

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