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WV Spay Neuter Program


Tell the Governor thanks for signing the bill which:

  • will assist local counties across the state to save $10 million annually in animal control costs.

  • was passed by the House with 84 yeas and the Senate with 28 yeas.

  • has saved New Hampshire $3.25 in sheltering costs for every $1 invested in spay neuter.

  • has decreased pet homelessness 61% in New Jersey and the euthanasia rate 75% in New Hampshire.

  • Has not raised the cost of pet food at the consumer level in Maryland and Maine using this funding option.

In case you’re wondering why we haven’t posted that the governor has signed HB 2552, here’s the reason. The bill has to go through procedural actions in both the House and Senate (where it is currently awaiting signature by Senate President Mitch Carmichael) before it’s communicated to the governor. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t call or email the governor so he knows we want this bill signed. 304.558.2000 or 1.888.438.2731 or send email from the website. You can also contact Senator Carmichael at or 304.357.7801. Thank him for his support and ask that he sign the bill so it can go to the governor.

As a reminder, HB 2552 is funded by a cost added to existing dog & cat food registration fee required by WV Dept. of Agriculture.   There is no cost at the retail or consumer level.   This fee is paid annually so there will not be money in the fund until the Pet Food Brand registration fee is paid.  FOHO WV will be meeting with the WV Dept. of Agriculture soon to confer on the administration of this funding which is approximately $450,000 per year.  The Governor must sign the bill first.   In the states where this is being done, NO increase in dog or cat food was recognized.   If, however, the price is passed on it would be less than .50 cents per pet per year since there are 930,794 dogs and cats in WV.

Money will be allocated by grants to counties.  We will update the progress here and on the Facebook page.  This will take time to set up in the WV Dept. of Agriculture.

The best place to follow us is our Facebook page…

But if you do not have FB then go to and we post daily what is occurring in the legislature….

Members of the HOUSE:

Members of the SENATE:

And you can follow the ‘daily legislative report on animal welfare laws’ at  which will offer daily commentary on all animal bills.  We will post the progress of the spay neuter funding bill here on this Facebook page. 

Found your legislator?  Now you need to call your legislator today!   Say…Support HB 2552, the WV Spay Neuter Assistance Funding Bill..Pet overpopulation is a real problem in this state.  Fix it by funding it!  How, they ask?


Tell your legislator this:    There is a way to fund WV SNAP without taking money from our overburdened WV budget.   The Pet Food Industry sold $196 million in sales in WV in 2015.  They register their pet food brands (every single dog food and cat food individual product requires registration charge)  already in WV at the WV Dept. of Ag.;  so raise that fee by $70 -$100 on 12,000 brands = $900,000 for spay neuter!  Voila, it is done.  How simple is this?   Make it happen.  It is a public problem and it needs public funding to solve it!

This fund can help owned animals, strays and any spay neuter effort throughout the state of West Virginia.  Trouble with stray cats?  This is included too!   Within 6-10 years, we can greatly reduce the pet-overpopulation in our state.  Note:  This establishes a funding source for ‘voluntary’ spay neuter.
34 other states have state funded spay neuter programs.  The pet food fee increase is being used now in ME and MD very successfully with hundreds of individual grants given out.   Let’s save 50,000 animals from entering WV Shelters and 20,000 of them from death.   


Download this Special Report on the Solution for Pet Overpopulation in WV 2017
WV Spay Neuter Special Report 2017


Download this 2 page summary on the WV Spay Neuter Funding Solution for 2017
Spay Neuter Funding 2017

How does $900,000 dollars per year, every year for spay neuter services available throughout WV sound?   There are so many ways to help us.

Help us to make that happen!  Download the Special Report on Pet Overpopulation in WV 2017, order Spay Neuter Cards to distribute locally and get our radio ad on your local radio station.  Help us to spread the word on the need for this fund throughout WV.

Add one of our commercial videos to an email to a legislator!







Radio Ad – PSA

Spay Neuter Card    We have plenty of these spay neuter cards to be distributed.  We can order more but please make sure to distribute all you order!  Send us your address and we will send you some cards!  Join us to make this happen.

Packets are prepared and are going out as requested to shelters and rescues.   To obtain this money, a bill will need to pass and it will need a lot of support to get past the Pet Food Lobby.  By the way, did we mention that WV Pet Food Sales were $196 million in 2015!!  US Pet Food Sales rose 22% from 2014 to 2015.  And those pet food sales have increased by 366%    Source:  2015 data from

Our message is to save money and save lives!   Funding the State Spay Neuter Program can be done!  So how does $900,000 dollars per year, every year for spay neuter services available throughout WV sound?   This can be done by increasing the existing surcharge on Pet Food brands registered with the WV Dept. of Agriculture providing over $900,000 annually as a solution for funding our WV State Spay Neuter Fund.  Even if passed on to pet owners, this would be less than $1.00 per pet per year in WV.  This would save WV millions of dollars while saving lives.  A local group may even decide to use the money for control of community cats along with vouchers for pet owners.  You decide based on your local need!    Go to for more information and for legislative information.

How Can You Help obtain $900,000 for Spay Neuter services throughout WV? 

  • Meet with County Commissioners to educate on the financial opportunity for your county.  This is particularly important as the money from Coal becomes scarce.
  • Meet with your local legislators educating them on the need for spay neuter services.  Give them a card.  Go over the fact sheet with them.
  • Join us for conference calls educating you on how to talk to these people on this topic.  This will provide more information on why the Pet Food fee is such a reliable source.
  • Send emails to commissioners, legislators and animal advocates who belong to your local groups.
  • Put information in your local newsletters from your group. A fact sheet will be available and you can copy the information right into your newsletter.  That is why we included it here for you to copy and paste as needed.  Use anything here plus the wonderful graphic shown below.
  • Send an article to your local newspaper.  Use our information sheet as needed to do that.
  • Data from 37 counties on what is spent to impound, handle and dispose of animals is available from a 2015 FOHO WV survey.   Nearly $10 million per year throughout WV!  What does your county spend?  Check with us, we may have it done.
  • Or tell us what you want to do or something else we should do!!

Each year, animal shelters in West Virginia take in over 50,000 cats and dogs, and each year, about 40% of these animals, including perfectly healthy and adoptable pets, are euthanized. Meanwhile, West Virginia taxpayers spend nearly $10 million annually to impound, care for, and euthanize unwanted dogs and cats.   By funding the WV State Spay Neuter Fund, we can control this pet-overpopulation by helping pet owners and communities throughout West Virginia spay and neuter local cats and dogs!   We can save money and save lives!

Go to

You can donate to the fund by making a check out to WV Dept. of Agriculture and then indicating on the check that the money is for the WV Spay Neuter Assistance Program.  Send your checks to ATTN Administration Services, WV Department of Agriculture, 1900 Kanawha Blvd. East, Charleston, WV  25305.

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WV Spay Neuter Fund Commercial Videos Support HB 2552

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HB 2552 will control pet overpopulation in WV!

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Spay Neuter Radio AD

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WV County Animal Control Cost

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WV Statistics

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“Shelter Dogs”

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