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S/N Graphic

FOHO WV is pleased to have the support of the Mountaineer Spay Neuter Assistance Program (M-SNAP) in supporting the funding of the WV Spay Neuter State Fund.   As of Aug 31, 2015 M-SNAP has paid for nearly 5,000 surgeries for a cost of more than $440,000! Visit their webpage (www.m-snap). Plus both M-SNAP and ReTails also have FB pages. ReTails is a thrift store at the Morgantown Mall which helps support S/N costs.

FOHOWV Turn Off The Spigott

This wonderful graphic is on loan from M-SNAP to obtain funding for the WV Spay Neuter Assistance Program. Thank you M-SNAP for all you have done in your area and are now willing to continue to do to reduce WV pet overpopulation through funding the WV State Spay/Neuter Program.

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