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Spay Neuter Radio AD

Public Service Announcement:

This radio ad is running on WCLG in Morgantown and we want it to run throughout WV radio stations!   Here is the link for the ad. If you know of a radio station in your area please help us to get this ad on their station. Print this and take it to your local station to get this PSA on their station so we can spread this message to all!


Each year, animal shelters in West Virginia take in over 50,000 cats and dogs, and each year, about 40% of these animals, including perfectly healthy and adoptable pets, are euthanized. Meanwhile, West Virginia taxpayers spend nearly $10 million annually to impound, care for, and euthanize unwanted dogs and cats.   By funding the WV State Spay Neuter Fund, we can control this pet-overpopulation by helping pet owners and communities throughout West Virginia spay and neuter local cats and dogs!   We can save money and save lives!

The Mountaineer Spay Neuter Assistance Program (M-SNAP) has loaned this wonderful radio ad to be used to obtain funding for the WV Spay Neuter Assistance Program. As of Aug 31, 2015 M-SNAP has paid for nearly 5,000 surgeries for a cost of more than $440,000! Visit their webpage (www.m-snap). Plus both M-SNAP and ReTails also have FB pages. ReTails is a thrift store at the Morgantown Mall which helps support S/N costs.

If you would like this on a USB sent to you please contact us info@fohowv.org and we will send it to you.

Here is a copy of a sample letter or you can use this one when you contact the radio station: FOHO Radio AD Sample letter

Thank you M-SNAP for all you have done in your area and are now willing to continue to do to reduce WV pet overpopulation through funding the WV State Spay/Neuter Program.


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