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WV Statistics

2015-16 WV Pet Facts & Statistics

18,498 Euthanized or 38% of 48,050 total intake in 32 counties reporting

23,466 Cat intake with 13,689 Euthanized

28,584 Dog intake with 4,760 Euthanized

65% US & WV households have pets.  [Past trends =WV higher pet ownership than US]

Nearly $10 million dollars spent annually for animal control throughout West Virginia

$218 is cost per animal housed in a WV shelter.

In 1 year, 1 unspayed female dog & all of its unaltered offspring would have 16 offspring    

In 1 year, 1 unspayed female cat & all of its unaltered offspring would have 12 offspring      


Sources of Data:

*West Virginia Animal Euthanasia and Control Statistics are difficult to pinpoint since no state reporting structure exists for compiling these statistics.  In 2013, the WV Veterinary Board began collecting intake data at the request of FOHO WV along with their yearly Euthanasia data for their certified euthanasia technicians.   While this has helped, only 30 counties report.  This report is required to WV Vet Board by January 15 for the previous year if there is a certified euthanasia technician in that county.

Sources Consulted:

2014 WV Board of Veterinary Medicine Euthanasia Report – reporting 31 counties

2015 – Survey County Commissions – FOHO WV (The Federation of Humane Organizations of West Virginia)  –  28 counties surveyed

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